Can A Woman Lose 100 Pounds In 6 Months?

Weight loss does not happen overnight and it requires important changes in your lifestyle as well as some physical efforts. For women, weight gain is possible at different stages owing to pregnancy and other health conditions. Doctors recommend them to lose weight when it becomes necessary due to underlying health conditions. However, losing 100 pounds in 6 months is doable if you are focused and determined about your goal. Before starting your weight loss journey, you have to ask a few questions to yourself to be clear about your approach.

How much do you weight now? What type of diet you are following? How many calories you consume in a day? If you are able to reply all these questions then you can start with your journey. If you want to go slow, you can join programs like Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, etc that offer you weight loss up to 2lbs per week at a steady rate. In fact, Nutrisystem has separate plans for men and women that cater to the individual caloric needs. Weight Watchers assesses your weight loss progress by assigning a point value to each of the foods you consume. Check the article at www.sonacreamery.com that compares these two diet programs elaborately.

The best way to start experiencing some weight loss is by cutting the calories you intake on a daily basis. For this you will have to give up your favorite foods. In some cases, you will have to reduce the intake of certain foods that will greatly reduce the calories consumed. At any point of time do not leave your body to starve without food as you need energy to carry out the regular activates. When you follow exercise activities on a regular basis you can lose 50 pounds at a faster rate. Check your weight on a weekly basis to know how much you are losing every week. If you follow the suggestions seriously you will certainly lose 100 pounds in six months period.