Every hardcore gamer will know the practical difficulties in finding that ideal laptop, especially for gaming. While there are many gaming accessories like a specialized mouse, keyboard, sound card and even headsets, often it is the laptop which comes in the way of a good game.

A gaming laptop has many features that give a gamer the edge they require over the others. One of the key elements required in gaming is a good CPU, GPU, and excellent memory. Which are some of the most expensive components in a laptop? So inevitably a gaming laptop is price wise much higher than your regular laptops.

When we speak about gaming, there is no laptop experience that can equate to the experience of playing on a desktop. But if portability is important to you, then a gaming laptop is your obvious choices.

While choosing a hardcore gaming laptops there are many features that one must consider, they are:

Size: If you want a good gaming laptop, you will have to deal with its bulk. Otherwise, you can also settle for a conventional laptop which may be sleek but average for gaming.

Screen size and Screen resolution: It is a gamers’ dream to have a big screen with a high resolution to be able to see the game better and clearer. But the drawback is that a laptop ‘s hardware is not designed to deal with such high functioning. And so you have to choose between a slower laptop with high resolution or a gaming laptop with slightly lower resolution.

CPU: Simply concentrating on a laptop that provides a good GPU, screen size and a good resolution could be a huge mistake. Because a compromised CPU could come in the way of the overall performance of the gaming laptop. A top end CPU with all the other features could be a little expensive, but of you want the best it is a small price to pay.

Memory: Settling for a laptop with anything less than 8GB is a mistake

Battery Life: Any average laptop battery lasts up to 2-6 hours. A gaming laptop has a higher battery usage, but must not be anything lesser than average.…